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Discurso de Victor Ivanov en el Foro Mundial Contra las Drogas, Suecia 20 de Mayo 2012 :: Drogas México


Documento de visión compartida y propuestas de consenso
Discurso de Victor Ivanov en el Foro Mundial Contra las Drogas, Sueci
Intervención del Ministro de Salud de la República Argentina

First of all I’d like to thank Her Majesty for her invitation to the Forum and for her brilliant speech at the opening of the Forum. It is impossible to overestimate the role of the World Forum, which nowadays has undoubtedly...
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Discurso de Victor Ivanov en el Foro Mundial Contra las Drogas, Suecia 20 de Mayo 2012

Victor Ivanov

20 de mayo de 2012 (20/05/12)
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First of all I’d like to thank Her Majesty for her invitation to the Forum and for her brilliant speech at the opening of the Forum.

It is impossible to overestimate the role of the World Forum, which nowadays has undoubtedly become a force to consolidate the world community, to form a global antidrug agenda and to oppose the global threat of drug legalization and rejection of the basic antidrug conventions developed over the past one hundred years.

For the past year we can actually observe a burst of legalization initiatives, where a proposal “to solve the problem quickly” is made by presidents of individual countries (Guatemala, for instance) or, like it was a month ago, by a former director of the British Intelligence Service MI-6.It is more than illustrative that the so-called Global Drug Politics Commission, which directly promotes drug legalization, last year hit upon the idea to present its definitely provocative and favoring drug legalization report on the 1st of June – on the International Children’s Day!

No doubt this large-scale and highly aggressive PR-campaign on drug propaganda is directly or indirectly related to enormous drug business income estimated by experts as 800 billion US dollars per year.

The mentioned report should be unambiguously regarded as a kind of a manifest of drug legalization supporters. If we compare the report of the socalled Global Commission and the Declaration of the World Forum-2008, we will see two absolutely opposite positions, two incompatible doctrines, between which a keen and merciless fight is building up.

The objective of drug legalization supporters is to legalize transnational organized crime, a global criminal international, to make drug trafficking smooth and comfortable.
Their primary task is to break international unity in terms of protection of all international hard law secured in the UN profile conventions.
Meanwhile activities of legalization supporters are perfectly organized. Thus, for the past three years the number of sites which support drug legalization, without taking into account global direct web networks, at least doubled.

It is also becoming evident that one is trying to make Latin America, where several countries of that particular region are initiating significant concessions to drug legalization supporters, a locomotive of the global drug legalization movement.

It is indicative that the Latin American Commission for Drug andDemocracy Concerns, which actually sticks to legalization objectives,became a pilot project and transformed into the above-mentioned Global Commission for Drug Politics, probably, if I may say so, to transfer “knowhow” from the Western Hemisphere to the Eastern one, i.e. to the whole world.

It is a highly dangerous tendency, and our Forum must unambiguously express our negative opinion of it.3
We are obviously facing a perfectly organized, generously paid, deeply defended and propagandized drug front, and our obligation is to oppose it and to set up our own Global Antidrug Front.

I believe that the Declaration of the first World Forum Against Drugs (2008) very precisely defined drug addiction as “a modern form of slavery”. In the beginning of the 21st century and of the 3rd millenium we must prevent recognition of slavery as a normal phenomenon. We must advocate the matter of freedom, truly democratic values and all those who are against return of slavery.

In this situation it seems pressing and expedient to set up a community of friends of the UN antidrug conventions under the World Forum. I kindly ask you, dear participants in this Forum, to give support to my proposal.

Today the UN antidrug conventions are a kind of major quarantine activities against the epidemic of global drug addiction specified by an unprecedented (in the world history) scope of the drug business and formation of classically paradigmatic, in fact, two global drug production centers and appropriate drug trafficking.

As far back as in 1998 the founder of the Swedish antidrug model, an outstanding thinker, organizer and enthusiast Niels Beirut warned the humanity: “Fighting against drug addiction epidemics will be probably decisive for survival of contemporary legal and welfare states. Development towards further drug abuse will inevitably result in disintegration of society and chaos.”

At the same time experts and public leaders of antidrug politics realize that besides the protection of long-term achievements in drug combatting, it is necessary nowadays to intensively develop a new antidrug model of activities, since along with sweeping changes in societies and social life principles, the very nature of drug addiction and drug crime has drastically changed in the world, so today we have to deal with fundamentally new challenges and threats for both individual countries/regions and the world and international security on the whole.Let me briefly outline the main threats and immediately offer a package of five principal solutions.

Firstly. It is necessary to introduce a new notion of antidrug security to the international and national security system – a notion which would be able to reproduce appropriate instruments against an actually new threat, i.e. crime globalization based on sustainable and long-term operation of two global drug production centers: the South American one in the Western Hemisphere and the Afghan one in the Eastern Hemisphere, as well as on respective drug trafficking. It’s them that have created and have been supporting the totally globe-entangling network drug transit which corrupts economic and political processes in terms of growing crime and violence.For that very reason there is a great need in essential resolutions of the UN Security Council, beyond validity of which we would be actually disarmed against drug addiction globalization as an induced global epidemic.It is necessary to revise our attitude to the phenomenon of Afghan drug production, which has lately exceeded mere drug growing and production and has turned into a predominant factor of the global financial and economic crisis as well as of the international situation in general.

At this moment, I would like to call your attention to one outrageous fact. A group of experts in toxicology headed by prominent Professor of the University of Florida Dr. Bruce Goldberger made a statement that the current generation of Afghan children is doomed, since all of them are typical opium and heroin addicts. The scientists have registered unprecedentedly high drug levels of drugs in children’s blood.

Hazardous concentrations of drugs are contained not only in the smoke of adult smokers, whose number exceeded one million a long time ago, but also in clothing, beddings, carpets, furniture, as well as in breast milk of nursing mothers.

It is registered that if those children do not get a drug, they begin to suffer from the withdrawal syndrome. Thus, a 10-year-old girl’s hair sample contained 5607 pg/mg of a heroin metabolite, 8350 pg/mg of morphine and 4654 pg/mg of codeine, corresponding to parameters of a medically diagnosed adult drug addict.
No comment here.

Dear colleagues! It is high time to qualify Afghan drug production as a threat to international peace and security as per Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

Secondly. We need antidrug diplomacy as a principally new national and international activity. Let me emphasize once again the role of our World Forum, which has become a kind of headquarters of non-governmental antidrug diplomacy. I’d deem it timely and very important to arrange an Antidrug Summit of the leading countries of the world.

Thirdly. Global antidrug politics should be based on the fact that drug production has become an indispensable component of the shadow financial system which is generating a deadly global crisis.

The mounting global financial and economic crisis and a speculative and parasitic economy are directly linked to criminal drug income, since such black drug money lets a number of big banks cope with liquidity shortages that are lethal for them.

To prevent the crisis from escalating to a catastrophe we must knock the financial basis out of it by liquidating global drug production centers.

Fourthly. It is time to focus on organization and methods of social rehabilitation and re-socialization. Drug addiction is nearly the main stimulant of social and anthropological degradation of societies and human capital undermining.

The world should combine all advanced theories and methods of human existence renaissance via multiple social politics of organizing thereproduction and development of national and transnational positive communities.

I suggest organizing a special conference on new methods of social rehabilitation and re-socialization under the auspices of the World Forum.
Fifthly. It is necessary to resolutely supplement the most important measures of police repressions, drug prevention and drug addicts rehabilitation with a stake on alternative development.It is obvious nowadays that alternative development is the best primary prevention of drug production.

In this context we’d like to welcome from this tribune the Peruvian President’s decision to hold an antidrug forum in late June in Lima which will focus on alternative development, as well as an expert conference inthe same place in November. It is through alternative development that one of the key human rights
– the right for development – is enjoyed.

The right for development is a fundamental UN right stipulated in the Declaration on the Right for Development, which was adopted by Resolution 41/128 dated December 4, 1986 of the General Assembly and is secured by a set of measures promoting social progress and development on the basis of on the Declaration of Social Progress and Development proclaimed by Resolution 2542 (XXIV) dated December 11, 1969 of the General Assembly.

It seems necessary to consolidate around the alternative development challenge and exercise of the right for development, which is not just systematically undermined by the drug abuse, but where drug abuse itself is in fact an integral spawn of non-development.

Today we can see how powerful our antidrug front is. And we should pass to victories over drugs, to resolutely reject decadent moods and conciliation with the drug mafia’s initiatives. We shall win.

Thank you.

ver en wfad.se

ver en wfad.se

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Discurso de Victor Ivanov en el Foro Mundial Contra las Drogas, Suecia 20 de Mayo 2012
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