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DrugWarCosts  (DrugWarCosts)

The costs of the drug war and the prohibition regime in Mexico. Annotations in English to documentation registered in the DrogasMexico.org database. A collaboration of CuPIhD and Convive with Transform's project "Counting the Costs". Colectivo por una política integral hacia las drogas, AC (CuPIhD, Mexico), Convivencia y espacio público, AC (Convive, Mexico), Transform Drug Policy Foundation (Transform, UK)

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  DrugWarCosts: Human rights complaints increased 20% in 2010 with respect to 2009; 'the increase in operations of the fight against crime' stands out among the causes, according to Mexican Human Rights Ombudsman, Raúl Plascencia Villanueva, who also stressed 2011-03-05 ver más en Se incrementan quejas ante la CNDH por operativos antinarco: Raúl Plascencia. ficha completa
  DrugWarCosts: Marijuana, inhalants and cocaine use increased from 14% in 2006 to 18.3% in 2009 among private and public junior-high and highschool students in Mexico City, according to the most recent survey of Alcohol, Tobaco and other Drugs produced by the 2011-03-05 ver más en Atrapan drogas a más estudiantes. ficha completa
  DrugWarCosts: 'Springbreaker season did not decrease: it totally collapsed' in Acapulco: Guerrero State Tourism Minister Ernesto Rodríguez Escalona. A main tourism agency informed they had only 100 confirmed tourists to Acapulco, while last year it registered 2011-03-05 ver más en Guerrero se queda sin “springbreakers”. ficha completa
  DrugWarCosts: 83% of Mexicans consider narcotraffic-related violence has increased in Mexico over the past six months. 63% consider Mexico an unsafer country because of President Calderón's drug traffic combat strategy. 66% believe violence associated with 2011-03-05 ver más en Seguridad y narcotráfico. Encuesta nacional febrero 2011. ficha completa
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